28 January 2009

A Peninsula of Elk

Driving home from the office yesterday, I had to pull over to capture this small gathering of Roosevelt elk on a thin peninsula of grass in the middle of Big Lagoon. Just a bit further north a larger herd massed behind a falling-down barn across from the small state park visitor center setting a similarly picturesque scene. This morning, through the fog and rain, the full Big Lagoon herd grazed the narrow strips of cut grass along the old Redwood Highway at Stone Lagoon.

Some may wonder at the sense of a 35 mile, one-way commute every day, but for my money the half hour drive past Clam Beach, Trinidad, the lagoons and the redwoods has to be among the finest drives to work in the country.

1 comment:

Kym said...

I agree that is some of the most beautiful stretch of road in an already amazingly beautiful county.