02 October 2008

Final VP Debate Preparations

Two overripe avocados, skinned, pits removed, and mashed but still chunky.
One diced poblano chile. (Keep the seeds and veins if you like it extra spicy.)
One diced roma tomato.
Juice squeezed from one lime.
2-3 cloves of garlic, finely diced.

Combine all the above in a cool ceramic bowl and serve with blue corn chips.

From the grille, we're also serving up steamy hot Cincinnati Chili Dogs (made with healthier ground turkey and turkey dogs rather than the beef), complimented with piles of grated cheddar and yellow mustard. Add in a box of frozen TGI Fridays Fried Cheese Sticks and we're ready for the big game.

My friends, tonight the good people of America have the opportunity to witness one of the most anticipated political events of all time. I'll be there, or here actually, in front of my TV, bringing out the munchie menu we usually reserve for the Super Bowl or the final game of a Red Sox World Series championship. (I'll have to do this all again in a couple weeks, I suppose.)

The candidates are finishing up their final practice sessions, listening to tight-assed aides whispering last minute punch lines into their overtaxed brains, and mumbling incomprehensible tongue twisters to loosen their lips before tonight's verbal joust.

The pundits are in a tizzy, predicting and prognosticating the plausible outcome after the 90-minute debate. They say, let Sarah be Sarah, and that tonight we'll see someone other than the bumbling, ignorant, unprepared colonial governor we've seen interviewed over the past couple of weeks. They say that Biden must hold his tongue and his snark to avoid the appearance of picking on a girl or being condescending. They say he'd be best off keeping quiet and letting her humiliate herself as she's proven so capable of late.

I, for one, am hoping for more from Joe. I'm hoping for a "Jane, you ignorant slut" moment where he calls her out on her inexperience, incuriousity, and intellectual incompetence. I believe the McCain campaign has already sunk itself anyway, beginning with the Palin pick and then by letting her out of the Arctic Circle to talk on record to anyone at all.

Americans love a good crash, thus the popularity of Nascar and pairs figure skating. We've got a good one in the making here. 6pm on all the major channels.


Kym said...

So how do you think she did? How do you think Biden did?

Hoff_bob2003@yahoo.com said...

i looked forward to this just to see what SP would say. Some Pundits on t.v. said she handed herself well. Yeah, for a "valley girl"/ airhead.

What a debater! Just changed the question to something that you might have an answer for. I did feel sorry for her, but not enough to see her as VP and McCain.

Her answer to what her achilles tendon was left out the concept of an at and examples for which I ould give her a F--

Hey Bob Flame Ranger, are you mocking my used to be hair color? :)))

Bob Flame, Ranger said...

Good mornin' Kym. If, like Sarah Palin watching Tina Fey, you'd turned the volume off and only watched the moving pictures, Palin's impersonation of a national politician was spot on. If, however, you actually listened to the scripted, recited rambles pouring from her mouth, you had to be left shaking your head violently and sayin, "Wha...?" My mother had a phrase when us kids got chatty and nonsensensical. She called it "diarrhea of the mouth". That sums up her performance last night for me.

Biden didn't deliver the knock-out blow I hoped for last night. No "You're no Jack Kennedy" memories to thrive off of for the next 30 days. Lord knows he had plenty of opportunities, but he remained restrained and polite throughout, reserving his attacks for McCain. Perhaps that's good strategy considering the early talkin' lines from the media elite, but I was hoping to see the vaunted Biden wit and counter-attack last night.

Good theater, but as far as who won and what the effect will be, I'll have to get back to ya on that one.

Kym said...

I listened to the debate on the radio...Um, I can't even imagine why somebody would think she'd won. I have to figure she looked good but she sounded ...vapid?

Bob Flame, Ranger said...

Vapid might work, Kym, though vacuous seems a better adjective. It's not that she lacked enthusiasm, just that her words were (are) totally empty of any content or value.

And, Bob, I don't think she answered a direct question all night. The post-game commentators called that a great debating strategy. I'd call it continuing the lies.

me said...

and the winking! don't forget the winking!