05 August 2008

Back to the fold

I’m a bad blogger. ‘Twas not quite a year ago, I strolled into this endeavour, wrote an occasional egoistic monologue on nothin’ of utmost criticality, ginnin’ up a mob of two or three fawning fans with a couple of self-described clever turns of phrase, then I disappear for weeks, nay months, at a time. (Nothin’ in July! Absolutely nothin’.)

I’m sure others have said it through the course of history, but I remember reading Stephen King in his book “On Writing” sayin’ something to the effect, “If’n you want to be a writer, you have to write. Every day.” So, if anyone asks why I'm back, it's Mr King's fault.

I can’t promise every day, but I’m on the road to reforming myself, getting myself back on the right side of life and mind and body. Perhaps we’ll need another “Mind the Gap” posting now and again, but I’m stepping back into the pool, whether anyone reads the drivel presented here or not. Summer’s almost over. The crowds are beginning to dwindle. Vacation’s done come and gone. No excuses but those I invent.

Besides, gotta be in good literary standing to get an invite to the picnic, eh?


Kym said...

He Lives!!!!

Fawning Fan

Kristabel said...

I've missed you.

Fawning Fan #2