16 April 2008

The Definition of Bitter (or, Why ABC News really really sucks)

What an embarrassing night for ABC, and more importantly for a nation theoretically founded on the principal of intelligent discourse, in their conduct of tonight's phony made-for-idiot-TV campaign "debate". Nearly an hour devoted to rehashing trivial comments on sidebar People Magazine issues, issues that no one outside the joke that is the American coporate media cares a damn about. Jeremiah Wright. Lapel pins. The meaning of the word "bitter". Well, I'm bitter now dammit.

It's probably a good thing my girls shuffled me and my culturally elitist organic Petit Syrah out of the TV room. After an hour of unrestrained cursing and ball cap throwing at political flacks and coprolitic media pitchmen Charles Gibson and George Stephanopolous, the three of 'em wisely and carefully escorted me out the door, favoring the half hour of mindless American Idol commercials presaging the narrowing of the faceless karaoke pop star wannabes down to six to the sight of la casa's lone male sputtering and fuming at the silvery-screened orb inside a faux antique cabinet.

Damn. I really wonder sometimes about the future of this country. I'm pissed and frustrated. I'm grieving and, yes, bitter, but without guns or religion to soothe me. And I'm wonderin' where a middle career guy with a mortgage and a 70 mile daily commute on 4 buck a gallon gas goes to make sense of it all.

People are dying in a needless war.

Millions wander the streets homeless.

We can't, we won't, pay our teachers a decent salary for the most important jobs in the whole damn world.

We're selling semi-legal dope on the plaza to professional panhandlers on phony medical pretenses.

Our planet is rapidly melting itself into oblivion.

And ABC thinks we should give a shit about whether Obama wears a half inch composite metal American flag facsimile made in Taiwan on his friggin' suit?!? Go to hell ABC. If I actually watched any of their programming I'd boycott it, but I suppose they're not really gonna miss me since there's nothing there to watch anyway.

I'm not gonna sleep well tonight, am I? Someone pass that wine cork puller thingie over here. This bottle's empty.


Ernie Branscomb said...

Here's mud in your eye Bob, good post.

I actually agree with some of what you said. The ABC sucks, the teacher thing is right on. And the homeless issue. Drugs on the plaza with the pretense that they are some kind of pharmacy. Yep agreed.

But, right now the war is only killing hundreds, where when we leave hundreds of thousands will die. I have a problem with that.

The global warming issue is still a bit confusing. I wish that I could get some real truth on that. Why is it that one never hears of any scientific studies being funded on the other side. Even if they ultimately proved the same thing. Lop-sided science always bothers me.

But, it is good to read from a person with passion, life without passion is a life wasted.

Kym said...

I don't understand why the flag lapel pin matters. I can't decide if it is the Media out of touch with reality or me out of touch with mainstream America.

Bob Flame, Ranger said...

Ernie...thanks for jumping in. I could quibble with your positions on the Iraq war and global warming, but 'tween you and me, we could have a civil, meaningful, substantive conversation on the issues no doubt. The point here is, that many of our fellow partners in the American experience can't or won't do that. They refuse to listen, reason, discuss, learn....or they simply don't know how to do so...or they don't give a damn. Who's fault is that? I throw a lot of blame at the corporate media who I believe has dumbed down our society by giving us mindless slop that sells headline titillation for short attention spans and not allowed even a corner of the market for meaningful discourse. (Sounds like I'm off & running on another full-on ranting post, so I'll leave it there for the moment.)

Bob Flame, Ranger said...

Hi Kym...you're not the one out of touch. I'm amazed that people out there may actually care about that, but I really don't think there are many that see that as a real issue. Obama explained his lack of a flap pin months ago, objecting to the false display of patriotism implied by wearing, or not wearing the pin. Sticking a piece of metal on your shirt doesn't mean you're any prouder of being an American than slapping an "I support the troops" magnet on the bumper of your car means you care what happens in Iraq. Cheap, foreign-made doodad displays of Americana advertising mean nothing. It's the actions and words and ideals that prove our patriotism and belief in our national ideals. I wish the media would treat this false "issue" with the disdain it deserves, and I applaud the politicians, like Obama, that are willing to challenge our ideas of what being a patriot really is.

Ernie Branscomb said...

How would we get the news that the news is corrupt? Certainly not from the news. I think that bloggers have a huge responsibility to keep expressing themselves. More truth has come from the blogs that the networks.

The only problem is you have to check the facts. Just like the man on the street, a blogger can say anything. So everything must be verified before believed.