14 January 2008

Mr Hillary Clinton on his way to Eureka later this week. (Wednesday)

Carol and Greg are reporting that Bill Clinton, husband of presidential candidate & former 1st lady Hillary Clinton is coming to Eureka....maybe. Word has it that Wednesday is the day, noonish the time. KHUM was interviewing Milt Boyd, Humboldt County's Democratic Party Chair a little while ago, who said the rumor's true, and they've been talking to Bill's people, though there are lots of details and likely lots of schedule changing possibilities between now and then. Even if I'm not firmly in the Hillary camp (leaning Obama now that Bill Richardson's returned to Governoring) but if the big guy's coming to our neighborhood, we'll be there to holler out our loud and proud Democratic cheers from somewhere in the teeming crowd.

Updating around 820pm: Looks like it's pretty much gonna happen, though sometime between 4-5pm according to the NCJ Blog and other sources. See y'all there.

Updating again, Tuesday 2ish: The afternoon guy on KHUM was phone talking to someone, I believe from the local Dems office, saying the hoopla happens between 400 and 630 tomorrow at Redwood Acres. (I'm hoping someone else can confirm this before too long so me and the 2 readers of this tripe aren't the only ones showing up there.)

Tuesday, just after 5pm: Over at the NCJ Blogthing, they're sayin' the gates open at 4:30 for a 6:30 event. Perhaps my girls will get to watch the boys play basketball and see Bill after all. It was gonna be a tough call for them, though boys in shorts were winning the debate last I checked.

Humboldt Democrats finally have an "official notice" up about the visit. They're sayin' gates open a 5:30, but I'm thinkin' there'll be a couple others in town wanting to witness the spectacle so we'll be there early I suppose.


Anonymous said...

Let me be the seemingly first to welcome you to the Humboldt Blogosphere. I saw you over at Carol and Greg's place.


Bob Flame, Ranger said...

Thanks. Been typin' on here for a bit, but nice to know someone other than me is runnin' up the page counter for a change. Stop by anytime.

Carson Park Ranger said...

Lots of people will want to see President Clinton just to remember a time when a smart person was president.

Carol said...

Woo-woo! We'll see you at the event, although it may end up being a big venue!

Eric V. Kirk said...

Wow! Another one!

How come Humboldt County has so many blogs? I can count the blogs in Mendocino with my fingers!

Hank Sims said...

Bob: Now they're saying that doors are opening at 4:30. Conflicting reports. FYI.

Cool blog.