08 November 2007


It's a long afternoon, sitting here tending to visitors who don't come. The sky outside, the sky I can't really get out under since I have to "mind the store", is a uniformly pale gray. Only the slightest deepening of the gray differentiates the sky from the near-waveless Pacific. And the ocean blends softly into an even darker gray sand horizon. The mood is only accentuated by reading graying 40-year old pamphlets advocating for a new national park, replete with 1960s black and white photographs...all while wearing a gray shirt and gray-green jeans. Is it any wonder my beard feels grayer on days like this?


rantingranger said...

So, did you shave it, then?

Bob Flame, Ranger said...

Nope....it's still there, in all its varying shades of gray, brown, blonde, red, and otherwise.