26 October 2007

Was there ever any doubt?

Certainly wasn't in our house. Well, except for Mrs Glass-is-half-empty moanin' through a mostly tense game, "They're gonna blow it. Here it comes. I can't watch this anymore."

For me, when everyone else was moanin' 'bout being down 3 games to 1, and how the Sox were one game away from going home, I was yakkin' to any who would listen (and there aren't that many out here who give a rat's ass) that the Injuns were just 3 games from their inevitable elimination.

Bring on the Rocks and the snow. Been my contention for a while that anyone the NL puts through this season is gonna lose to anyone in the AL. The Injuns provided the Sox with a worthy Championship series. The Rockies are simply the post-game mop-up work that must be done before the flag is hung on the Fenway flagpole.

This pose was my pose (and I sup-pose a host of others in the extended Red Sox nation) about 9:12 pm last night:

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