26 October 2007

Jerry Seinfeld appears to me in a dream

I have vivid dreams. Trouble is, within minutes of waking, I've forgotten the most interesting details. Which makes this one interesting in that it's hung with me for several days now. It goes a-something like this....

I walk down a long corridor of an old college building. At the end of the hall, a doorway on the left leads into a small meeting room with a long, heavy wooden table and high backed wooden chairs. Seated at the near end of the table are three of my bosses, in complete uniform no less. Taking up the remaining chairs are accomplished looking men in suits. At the head of the table stands Jerry Seinfeld with his arms and eyes raised heavenward, pantomiming receiving some great gift from above, while another guy dangles an old leather valise from a rope above him. Seinfeld notices me leaning in the doorway, quits his act, and announces, "I said no audience! This meeting is over. I'm done."


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