25 October 2007

Introducing Bob Flame - Ranger

This is the most recent interation of my personal rantings and rejoicings, those of a middle life park ranger, the nom de plume shamelessly heisted from a 1930s books romanticizing the work of America's park rangers. Yes, I am one of those very same rangers, seventy-some years later, living a life not near as romantic as the gallant and valiant men fictionalized by Dorr Yeager.

Rather than start completely fresh, I'll be draggin'n'droppin' a few of my older, more cogent ramblings currently scattered around the 'net to this here place. I very much doubt anyone will notice since purt near no one read any of my prior blog attempts anyways. Some of them may be slightly edited, but just to clean up their obvious grammatical faults. Anything posted after Saturday, 26 October 2007) can be considered new material.

Ok...enough of this. Let's get on with the show.

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